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Fear, doubt, shame, guilt and regret often cause us to take detours in life that lead us down the wrong path or even worse into a ditch where we get stuck and become frustrated. It may seem like everyone else is blowing up, living the life they dreamed about, and being blessed while you feel stuck trying to figure it out.

It's time for a change and you know it!

God created you for greater and it's time to rise up and claim His best for your life. If you are ready to step into your something bigger... something better, then we should talk.

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Waging the War on Insecurity

In the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook world we live in, it’s more tempting now than ever to compare yourself to those around you. Before your day even starts, you can scroll through the top highlights of someone else’s life and decide that as a […]

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Ashley’s Interview on The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

On July 2, 2018 I went live on Facebook with Annemarie Cross of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network all the way from Australia! The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast network produces, publishes, and promotes business-, entrepreneurship-, and leadership-focused podcasts to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners build […]

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  • March madness has been 😩 and I'm not talking about 🏀. There have been a lot of moving pieces and changes out here in the wild adventures of faith. Stuff that God promised me years ago is beginning to manifest and it's amazing to experience because this time last year was rough! The transitions in our lives are not always easy, but they are necessary. There is a time for everything. You don't need shorts in winter (❄️ especially not in Chicago ❄️) and there is no need for a scarf in summer (unless you're @tiffanyeverage 👀😂) God has perfect timing and life gets really good when you learn to trust His process. 🎢
  • It was such an honor and privilege to be a part of The Fearless Conference hosted by @graciouswomenministry this past weekend! We did everything from talking about relationships with @nikiwinston to walking the runway. 💃🏾 They called your girl on stage to dance and you already know God loves to stretch folks. 🙄

A time of intense ministry and amazing fellowship, God did His thing per usual. HE IS FAITHFUL! Sometimes it’s hard for us to surrender to His plan, but your victory is in your submission. And no matter what you’re facing as God is taking you into this next season of your life, all I can tell you is what I learned this weekend during my runway experience taught by my homie @shakilastewart 👀: chin up, shoulders back, happy face, WERK! 🤣
  • If you needed what was behind you, you would still have it. God knows what you need and it's important for you to trust Him. He told Abraham to leave Lot and we all know what happened there. 🙃

Be mindful of picking up stuff along your journey that was never supposed to be there in the first place, or was only supposed to be there for a reason or season. And yes, I’m rhyming on this Thursday morning. 😌

We sabotage our success when we try to force God to resuscitate things He was trying to end. Don’t look back. Focus on your future. Everything you need to live God's best for your life is already in you… Forward! 🛤️
  • Honored and super excited to join these ladies this weekend for the Fearless Conference! If you haven’t registered, it’s not too late to join us! Come be encouraged and get the tools you need to take your life  to the next level!  This is not going to be just another cute conference. This is going to be a life-changing encounter with God! Link to register in bio. 🔗
  • Happy International Women's Day! No matter what they say, keep pushing the envelope. There’s someone coming after you that’s watching. 👏🏾
  • A lot of times we’re focused on the external: completing our to-do lists ✍️, taking the next course 🤓, buying the right equipment 📸, wearing the right clothes 👚 and right lip 💄(@mcfiercin 👀) We keep doing the right things when God just wants us to spend time with Him.

So instead of working on all the to-dos and trying to figure everything out, the truth is if we let God work on our insides, we not only have the capacity to manage the external things better, but also have more peace in the process.

The more we do the inside work, the more the outside seems to come together. God wants to deal with the issues we have in our heart. If we take care of what’s in us (with God’s help ☝️), He’ll take care of what’s happening around us.

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