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Posted on March 5, 2017 by breakfree in Categories: Faith

yellow-door-1 - Ashley Winston - Christian Coach and Breakthrough Strategist
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What’s in your house? What things make your house a home? Did you buy those furnishings? I think we’ve all invested in equipping our homes with the proper essentials. After all, our homes are places that accommodate, hold, and store the things that we buy and bring into them.

One of the things I have purchased for my home, and something that I love, is my Alexa. She is the “know it all” electronic that has caught the attention of people everywhere. In fact, since Alexa’s debut in 2014, Amazon has sold over 5 million of these “smart speakers!”

As you may already know, Alexa has been programmed with a vast amount of knowledge. She answers trivia questions, gives the weather forecast, plays your favorite music, informs you of the latest NBA scores, and on and on. Alexa can even tell jokes!

However, when you start asking Alexa about Jesus, she can’t deliver. She’s limited in her knowledge of Him and pretty much all biblical truths. Oh, she knows some historical data about Jesus. But if you go beyond the surface and dig deeper into the application of the concept of Christ, she is no longer as useful. It’s because Alexa has no concept of what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

Now, how does all this talk about Alexa relate to us? Well, we might know a “whole lot” about faith, about church, about worship, and about God on the surface, but do we really know Him deep within our hearts? Does our life reflect His word? His promises to us?

The Bible says in Hosea 4:6 that “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.” The word perish in this context means:

  • to suffer death
  • to fall
  • to expire
  • to go the way of all flesh

So, if we want to LIVE a life of purpose and not perish, we have to know some stuff. We might have a world of information stored in our brains, but without the right knowledge and “programming,” we’ve got nothing. The good news is, God has already programmed us with everything we need for life and godliness. Did you know that? Everything you need to be successful has already been pre-deposited within you. (2 Peter 1:3) Isn’t that wonderful? You don’t have to look for man’s approval or make sure people like you enough to help you out. Everything you need is already there.

Just as Amazon’s tech experts have preprogrammed information into to Alexa, God has pre-deposited exactly what you need to live successfully for Him. Oh, we might think we are living prosperous lives outside of His will, but if we are listening or fooling around with ignorance, there is no way we can live intellectually. And if we are living in sin, there is no way that we can truly be successful.

Proverbs 4:23 says to “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” We cannot live out our faith if we are filled with the wrong wiring, messaging, or programing, or if we have nothing stored up inside. After all, nothing + nothing = nothing!

Please hear me clearly. “Nothing + nothing = nothing.” God is ready to move you from faith to faith and glory to glory. He is ready for your complete, customized activation! He is ready to move through your ministry, your business, and your life.

Just as we de-clutter our houses and determine what needs to stay and what needs to be thrown out, let’s be clear about what needs to happen in us spiritually. What “spiritual furniture” needs to be rearranged or removed altogether? It’s time we take a hard look at the “stuff” we’ve accumulated and get our spiritual houses in order. Can I get an Amen?

I share more about this in a message I have called “What’s In Your House?”.

CLICK HERE to listen to the message.


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Nobody really wants to talk about this (because many leaders are struggling with this too), but it’s trueeeeee…😓 It’s time to stop listening to these voices! A few years ago, God led me to write a women's devotional all about this type of stuff. Let’s just say it was not my best work. Have you ever looked at your old journals and been like 🙃😬? Anyway, I reworked it and with a little bit of elbow grease and vulnerability, it’s finally finished just in time for women’s month. Sorry fellas, you know who runs the world. Just kidding. 🤗

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In the show, you’ll hear stories and get practical advice on how to apply biblical principles so that you can see yourself the way that God sees you, elevate your faith, and align your actions with what you say you want so that you can unleash your unstoppable.💥 February’s episode will actually be released on Valentine’s Day for The Real Relationship Talk Pt. 2 with my friend and licensed clinical therapist, @tiffanyeverage. Get ready for the laughs! I can’t wait for you to tune in. 🎧
  • I’m going back to Cali 🎶😎🌴 Cause ya girl is tired of this -35-degree weather in Chicago! Last month, I took a trip to LA and I had the 👏🏾best 👏🏾time! I wasn’t sure if I was going to take the trip cause Cali ain't cheap especially after Christmas 😅, but I felt led to step out in faith and God surprised me in so many more ways than I can explain in this post cause y'all only got a 2-second attention span on IG. 🤣

But let me just encourage you.

Don’t look at what you have naturally. Sometimes, you have to step out in faith and trust God even when things don’t make sense. Of course, you have to use wisdom, but when you feel God leading you to do something, timing is everything. Make the move.

Like I always say, He knows the plan! Be open to whatever He wants to do in your life this year and watch Him respond to your faith in His ability and not your own willingness to make something happen. He might even take you to Cali 🏄🏾‍♀️ or Cambodia! 👀

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