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You were not created to live an average, unfulfilled, mediocre life. God created you to make your mark in the world and to make a difference. There is hidden potential and purpose living on the inside of you. In her daring, awe-inspiring and capacity building book, BREAK FREE: Unlock Your God – Given Potential and Unleash Your Unstoppable, author and breakthrough strategist, Ashley Winston takes you on a journey from fear to faith. It’s time that we push beyond our pain and into the fullness of God’s promises. Filled with inspirational stories and practical advice, BREAK FREE challenges readers to increase their capacity to win in life.

Ashley’s encouraging message focuses on helping readers unleash their unstoppable by:

  • Embracing Their True Identity
  • Breaking Internal & External Barriers
  • Following God’s Plan Beyond Life’s Circumstances
  • Eliminating Excuses & Making Room For More
  • Achieving Optimal Results

For far too long potential has laid dormant in the lives of so many. It’s time we unite and rise above life’s challenges. BREAK FREE declares that your days of settling and self doubt are over and that you are unstoppable. Ashley’s message inspires us to show up, tell the truth and do the work: “Your life matters and the whole world is waiting on your breakthrough.”


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  1. Jacqueline Dye

    This book is amazing, l have been walking with the Lord a long time, yet Ashley was able to point out and pull out things that l would have never realized, that have helped me to move and walk out COMPLETELY into my purpose. This book is an easy read but full of wisdom and useful tools. You can do nothing but succeed after reading this book!!!

  2. Pastor Barbara J. Ross, The Potter’s Will Ministries, Int’l.

    If you are sick and tired of being the least, the last, the left out or the unlucky, the best thing I can suggest to you is to purchase or gift this book!
    The author, Ashley Winston, has the rare plain power to speak wisdom to other human beings! The book is beautiful, funny and very moving to read of her personal experiences with family, friends, personal relationships and with God! It has an amazing richness when it comes to her life experiences and examples of how God healed and delivered her from everything the flesh wanted to destroy to keep her from fulfilliang her purpose. The good times, bad times, tears, fears, disappointments and failures, she was able to conquer them all by prayer and obedience to God’s Word. She shares with you exactly how it’s done. You too will experience a personal healing and deliverance being made free and your self esteem will soar! The power to obey will follow!! I highly recommend it.You will “Break Free and “Be Unstoppable”!!

  3. Itua Ijagbone

    The build up of to the final chapter was excellent. I am glad how Ashley laid the foundation cause it helped me understand where she was coming from and going too. The chapter on disciple = discipline I will have to re-read as I need to work on that area in my life. The phrase “obey away” in the Obey Away Chapter has been added to my dictionary. Lol.

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